Swiss Private Jet

CAMO Services

Comprehensive airworthiness management

Safety First

Our CAMO services at Swiss Private Jet are built on a foundation of rigorous safety standards and industry expertise. We go beyond mere compliance, incorporating advanced monitoring and preventative maintenance to ensure that your aircraft operates at peak performance levels. Our team, composed of leading specialists in the field, uses state-of-the-art tools and processes to monitor and maintain the integrity of every aircraft.

We understand the critical importance of maintaining continuous airworthiness. Our CAMO team proactively schedules and oversees all necessary inspections and maintenance tasks, tailored to the unique operational profile of each aircraft. This meticulous approach helps to prevent issues before they arise, ensuring safety and minimizing downtime.

Customized compliance solutions

Peace of mind

Every aircraft under our care benefits from a bespoke compliance strategy, designed to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements while also accommodating the specific needs of the owner. This tailored approach ensures that all aspects of airworthiness and maintenance are managed with the utmost precision and expertise.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our CAMO services. We not only ensure that your aircraft meets all safety and regulatory standards but also that it exceeds them, providing you and your passengers with the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Trust your aircraft’s compliance and maintenance to our CAMO experts. Get in touch with us for impeccable service and peace of mind. Contact us at +41 22 775 06 30 or email us at